President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about the enemy's attack on Ukraine, noting that May 29 was a very long day, and it began "very early for many of our people."

This was discussed on May 29 during the address of the Head of State to Ukrainians.

"Several Russian terrorist attacks in a day. " shaheds", cruise missiles, ballistic. Guided aerial bombs. Thanks to our air defense, all defenders of the sky, today we managed to save at least hundreds of lives. In just one day," Zelensky said.

Most of the "shaheds" and missiles were shot down.

"But each such terrorist attack brings us and the whole world back to an obvious conclusion: Russia wants to go to the end along the path of evil, that is, to its defeat, because evil has no end and cannot have another end but defeat," the president added.

He stressed that the world must see: terror will lose.

"When Patriots in the hands of Ukrainians ensure one hundred percent shooting down of any Russian missiles, terror loses. When the world increases pressure on Russia, including sanctions, when the isolation of a terrorist increases, when its former partners are ashamed of any proximity to Moscow, terror will lose. And of course, there is no greater humiliation for a terrorist state than the successes of our soldiers. Actually, with our successes, our pressure, our Patriots, we must and will continue to respond to Russia to all manifestations of its evil. And we will destroy this evil," Zelensky said.

Also on May 29, on the occasion of Remembrance Day, the President of Ukraine addressed the American people. He stressed that Ukrainians will always be grateful to the United States and every American for their extraordinary support.

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