PMC "Wagner" was practically destroyed in Bakhmut, while in a number of directions of the Bakhmut direction the situation is "quite hot".

The founder and commander of the Georgian National Legion Mamuka Mamulashvili told about this on the air of Kyiv24 on May 29.

"I think there is practically no Wagner group. And Bakhmut played a huge role in destroying the Wagner group. Therefore, those people who represent us to Prigozhin in their inclusions are probably the remaining part of Wagner that is still alive," Mamulashvili said.

He also said that in general, the situation in the Bakhmut sector is "quite hot."

"Our artillery mainly works in a number of areas of the Bakhmut direction. In other sectors of the front there are contract battles. The number of our personnel gives us the opportunity to work in different directions of the front line, so in many areas we are quite familiar with the situation," the commander of the Georgian National Legion informed.

British intelligence reported on May 27 that the "Wagnerites" began to retreat from some of their positions in Bakhmut. At the same time, "DPR" security forces probably entered the city to begin its dismantling.

At the same time, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that some of the Wagner mercenaries were retreating from Bakhmut, but the invaders were only regrouping and would continue to attack again.

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