Representatives of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" said that they once again crossed the state border of Russia.

RDK reported this on Telegram.

"Yesterday, Russian border guards celebrated their professional holiday. RDK fighters congratulated them on another successful crossing of the "leaky" state border," the report says.

Representatives of "RDK" said that the purpose of crossing the border will be known in the near future.

RDK fighters again successfully crossed the "leaky" state border / Photo: RDK

Recall that on May 22, volunteers of the legion "Freedom of Russia" and the "Russian Volunteer Corps" entered the Belgorod region. They called their goal the creation of a demilitarized zone along the Russian-Ukrainian border and the liberation of the Russian Federation from Putin's regime.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian military defended the border and did not participate in the raid in the Belgorod region.

On May 23, the Grayvoron checkpoint in the Belgorod region was returned under the control of Russian border guards. It is noted that in the Belgorod region abolished the "regime of counter-terrorist operation".

On May 25, fighters of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" again entered the territory of the Belgorod region.

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