In Kyiv, as a result of a missile attack on May 29, all air targets were successfully shot down by air defenses. So the second attack of the Russians was commented on in the city hall. After the operation of the air defense, the remnants of missiles fell in several districts of Kyiv at once - on the roadway in the Desnianskyi district, in the park on the Left Bank, and there are also three cases near the gas station in Obolon.

Previously, the air force says that the missiles flew along a ballistic trajectory. These could be Iskanders, which outsiders launched from the north. This is the 16th attack on Kyiv since the beginning of the month. For the first time in a long time, the enemy struck the capital during the day, when people were on the street and at work.

In the Obolonsky district of the capital, where the remnants of a Russian missile fell, TSN correspondent Natalya Nagornaya visited.

She said that the fire had long been extinguished. Specialists must pick up the remnants of the rocket. The track is very busy and the fact that there are not a large number of injured people and damaged cars is actually a miracle.

Eyewitnesses said that this rocket was still burning in the air. It was very clearly seen how it falls, despite the fact that it is advisable not to shoot or upload video on the video. They say that it burned very powerfully. But now the situation is quite calm. There is still closed traffic. This caused minor delays in transport. Now not all trolleybuses run.

The air raid alarm this afternoon, May 29, lasted 1 hour and 14 minutes. It is very interesting how the people of Kyiv reacted to this missile attack. In the Obolonskos district of Kyiv, at the place where rocket debris fell, there is a gas station nearby. People who saw this attack did not hide in hiding. Instead, they came to the site to see the consequences with their own eyes or stayed at the gas station and continued their work.

One eyewitness commented on what he saw: "It was burning and falling. And we sat and saw the downing, as well as how the debris fell. Maybe I should have gone to the shelter, but I came to see."

Another eyewitness said: "I saw after the fact how a rocket fragment caught fire. The fact that he didn't hit the car is real luck." Commenting on what she saw, the woman even smiled, because she says that life is and you need to be emotionally stable and think positively.

This is probably the best advice. We stay safe and smile against all odds, in spite of our enemies. Of course, we believe in our air defense forces and thank them.

Recall, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi said that the air defense of Ukraine shot down all enemy targets - 11 ballistic missiles, which Russia fired for the second time in a day at Kyiv and the region.

According to the mayor of Kyiv, doctors hospitalized one wounded person in the Podolsky district of the capital.

Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said that the occupiers could have attacked Kyiv Iskander, as the missiles flew along a ballistic trajectory. According to him, Russia attacked from the north.

"Previously, these were Iskanders. They are of various modifications. The Iskander-M is a ballistic missile, and the Iskander-K is a cruise missile. We will give what type of weapons were used later," Ihnat said.

Recall that on the night of May 29, the Russian military also launched a massive strike on Kyiv and the region. The occupiers used Iranian drones "Shahed" and missiles X-101/555.

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