Around midnight on May 26, Chairman of the Makariv District Court Oleksiy Tandyr shot down 22-year-old National Guard serviceman Vadym Bondarenko at a checkpoint in Kyiv. He died from his injuries at the scene of the accident. The family of the deceased emphasizes that society should not forget about his death and this high-profile case.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Mariana Bukhan.

According to witnesses, Alexey Tandir flew into the checkpoint at great speed – the boy's body flew three tens of meters. And in the cabin of the mangled car they found a bottle of alcohol.

Now the judge is already in pre-trial detention, and the deceased soldier was buried on May 28 in his native village of Talne in the Cherkasy region.

During the detention, Alexey Tandir refused to donate blood for alcohol content. Biological samples are collected forcibly only 18 hours after the accident. On Saturday, May 27, the High Council of Justice meets for a meeting. At the beginning of the hearing, Tandoor attempts to apologize to the relatives of the deceased. However, he emphasizes that he is not guilty, but only involved in a fatal accident.

"I am ready to bear full responsibility for my actions if the court establishes that I violate traffic rules and this caused Vadim's death," said Alexey Tandir, chairman of the Makarovsky district court

Tandoor's colleagues do not rule in his favor – they consent to the judge's detention. Without the right to make bail. The head of the Makariv district court of the Kyiv region himself asks for round-the-clock house arrest.

"If this case remains unordered, then there is no point in staying in our state, in our country," said Lyudmila Yakymenko, a teacher of the deceased Vadym

At the funeral, Vadym Bondarenko's father, who is now fighting near Bakhmut, came from the front to say goodbye to his fallen son. And for the culprit of the accident in which his son died, he demands capital punishment.

"Imprison them for life. Because we don't have the death penalty. They may have only one death penalty if they go with us to where we are now," said the father of the deceased National Guardsman.

Recall, the chairman of the Makariv district court Alexey Tandir at a checkpoint in Kiev shot down a 23-year-old serviceman of the National Guard. He died from his injuries at the scene of the accident.

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