Ukrainians who were hiding in the subway in Kyiv during the Russian attack were photographed by famous photographers Konstantin and Vlad Liberov.

The authors published a series of photos from the Kiev metro on Instagram.

So, the photo captured how during the morning rocket attack on the capital, both adults and children wait for the enemy attack in the subway. In particular, there are many schoolchildren among them: some play cards, and some become a band and hug.

"Kyiv metro during today's missile attack. We are no longer scared. Neither adults nor children. We know what to do, we do not panic, we have done it hundreds of times over the past year and three months," Liberovs said in a statement.

They added that while the air defense Ukrainian is flawlessly practicing against enemy targets, children continue to study, adults - to work.

"Even the smallest are no longer scary," the photographers noted under their pictures.

Missile attack on Kyiv on May 29

In Kyiv and the region on the morning of May 29, a series of explosions sounded and air defense work was reported. Later it became known that Russian troops launched 11 missiles at Kyiv and the region – ballistic and cruise "Iskanders". Air defense forces shot down all air targets, but the wreckage of enemy missiles fell in four districts of the capital, causing damage and wounding a person.

As for the Kyiv region, debris fell there in the courtyards of private houses.

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