The daily shelling of Kyiv in May practically does not stop. The enemy carried out several massive night attacks with drones and missiles on the city, just when Kyiv residents celebrated Kyiv Day and the Day of the capital.

The occupiers shell the city in May almost daily, spending millions of dollars on it. And today, on May 29, the city was shelled, previously, according to the CMVA, with ballistic missiles - they reached Kyiv too much after the alarm was announced, that is, the occupiers turned to round-the-clock terror.

Where they want to target and when the shelling will stop, found out the site

Military expert Oleh Zhdanov believes that the purpose of missile strikes on Kyiv is to exhaust Kyiv residents.

"They just exhaust us, trying to get at least some result. Russia constantly acts illogically, they hope that at some point it will work, and therefore continue to launch massive strikes on Kyiv. Moreover, they have now taken up the central and western Ukraine. People living in these cities, according to their logic, are more distant from the war. Indeed, in these regions, neither in 2014 nor in the last year and a half, hostilities are not directly conducted. Therefore, the intentions of the Russians have only one goal – to break the local population morally," explains Oleh Zhdanov.

He agrees that Russia is actually throwing millions of dollars to the wind by launching dozens of missiles and drones at Ukrainian cities.

"Here you need to think like a Russian, that is, completely illogical. They can spend a billion dollars so that we have a million losses, just everything. But they will be very happy that they have caused us such damage. The Russians do not reckon with their own price, they need to put 200,200 soldiers – they will put them down, they need another <> – they will put them down. For them, human life is worth nothing, it burns them to cause at least some harm to Ukraine and the price of the issue does not matter to them," Oleh Zhdanov added.

Aiming at residential areas

The Russians, like madmen, are barreling missiles at Kyiv, buying Iranian drones and sending them to Kyiv. Everything is shot down by our air defense on the outskirts of the capital or in the sky above the city.

"Kyiv is the capital. It is important for them to hit her. They may have shelled, for example, Zhytomyr or Ivano-Frankivsk, but this does not carry such important political and moral significance for them. Therefore, it is important for them to hit the capital of Ukraine. As they say there: "we will strike at decision-making centers." And Kyiv is the main such center where decisions are made. As for me, the Russians are trying to hit residential areas in Kyiv so that there are as many casualties, blood and tears as possible. They expect that after that our leadership will have to justify themselves to the population, and residents will blame the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense: how did you miss a missile on the Kyiv. Unfortunately, this is such a game of Russia, a bloody game. I think that's why the enemy launched missile strikes on the city on Kyiv Day two nights in a row," explains Oleh Zhdanov.

The shelling will continue

The expert adds that massive shelling of Kyiv will continue and named possible conditions for their termination.

"I think that the shelling of Kyiv will continue until the last day of the war. Until the signing of the ceasefire agreement. This, unfortunately, will continue. The only thing that can ease the pressure on us from the Russian Federation is success on the front line. Then they will no longer care about Kyiv and its shelling, they will try to save the situation on the front line. This is the only thing that can distract the attention of the Russian General Staff from rocket attacks and shahed attacks on Ukraine and Kyiv," the expert concluded.

What is known about the latest attacks in Kyiv

Recall that the Russian army in the afternoon, May 29, struck a massive strike on Kyiv, explosions were heard in different parts of the capital. The Kyiv City Military Administration reported on the active work of air defense in the capital. Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said that the occupiers could have attacked Kyiv Iskander, as the missiles flew along a ballistic trajectory. According to him, Russia attacked from the north.

On the night of May 29, the Russian military also launched a massive strike on Kyiv and the region. The occupiers used Iranian drones "Shahed" and missiles X-101/555.

And on the night of May 28, the Russian Armed Forces "congratulated" the capital on the day of Kyiv — about 40 drones were fired at the city, the maximum number since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

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