May 29, 2023 is a Monday. 460th day of the war in Ukraine.

What tomorrow, May 29, is a church holiday

May 29 in the church calendar is the day of remembrance of St. Theodore of Egypt. He was born into a rich and noble family. While still very young, he realized that he liked monastic life, so he left his parents' house at the age of 14 to ascetic in a monastery. Later he was in the Tavenna monastery, where he studied under Saint Pachomius. When Theodora's mother found out where her son was, she came to ask him to return home. But Theodore refused. Therefore, she remained in that monastery as well, and later her brother Theodora joined them. For a long time he was a monk tutor in a monastery and died in 368.

What can not be done on this day

  • It is not allowed to work in the field in the afternoon, otherwise the crops will be damaged by nature or people.
  • Important events (weddings, feasts) cannot be scheduled for this day.
  • It is forbidden to drive stakes into the ground or dig holes.

Folk omens and traditions for May 29

Among our ancestors there were many interesting signs for this day:

  • looked at what day it is today: rowan has already bloomed, which means that there will be no more cold weather;
  • water lilies have appeared on the lakes - in summer there will be a steady heat;
  • it is raining and frogs are croaking in the reservoirs - the weather will improve soon;
  • hear the thunder to a good grain harvest;
  • Swallows fly in the air - the first day of summer will be rainy, sit in nests - sunny.

On May 29, it rains and frogs croak in the reservoirs - the weather will improve soon / Photo: Pexels

From that day on, oats, wheat and rye traditionally began to be sown. Therefore, the people on May 29 received the name Zhitnik. Any work in the field begins with a prayer to St. Theodore, who is considered the patron saint of grain. And on this day they cook porridge: barley, wheat, etc.

Weather for May 29

Tomorrow, May 29, in Kiev is a cloudless day, without precipitation. It is a cloudy morning in Lviv, but in the afternoon the sky will clear up, no precipitation is expected. In Kharkiv, it is clear, in the evening the sky can be slightly clouded, without precipitation. In Odessa, it is clear only in the afternoon and then briefly, in the morning it rains with a thunderstorm, which will end closer to the middle of the day.

The air temperature in Kiev is +22 during the day and +13 at night. In Lviv +23 during the day and +11 at night. In Kharkiv +22 during the day and +11 at night. In Odessa +23 during the day and +17 at night.

Memorable dates May 29

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for May 29:

  • 526 – a major earthquake destroyed one of the largest cities of antiquity, Antioch.
  • 1384 – King Juan I of Castile lays siege to Lisbon.
  • 1453 - The Ottoman army led by Sultan Mehmed II captures Constantinople.
  • 1630 – the Treaty of Pereyaslav is signed, an agreement between the Ukrainian Cossack elders and the Polish hetman S. Koniecpolsky;
  • 1660 – the monarchy is restored in England, Charles II Stuart, son of the executed Charles I Stuart, becomes the new king;
  • 1790 – Rhode Island is the last of the original 13 colonial states to adopt the U.S. Constitution.
  • 1900 – the company "Otis" registers the trademark "Escalator" (later all escalators will be called escalators);
  • 1928 - Fritz von Opel on an experimental car of his own design overcomes the speed limit of 200 km / h;
  • 1945 – Nobel laureate writer Knut Hamsun is arrested in Norway for collaborating with the Nazis.
  • 1953 - a man for the first time overcomes the highest point of the planet - New Zealander Edmund Percival Hillary and Sherpa Norgay Tenzing rise to the top of Chomolungma (8,848 m);
  • 1985 - at the Eisel Stadium (Brussels), before the start of the final match for the European Cup Juventus - Liverpool, a fight occurs between fans of the teams, during which a concrete fence collapses (39 people are killed and at least 400 are injured);
  • 1990 – 40 European states, the European Investment Bank and the European Economic Community conclude an agreement on the establishment of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
  • 2003 - AC Milan forward Andriy Shevchenko wins his first trophy in 4 years spent in Italy, scoring the last goal in the match against Juventus (Champions League final; 3:2 in favor of AC Milan);
  • 2014 – near the city of Sloviansk, after unloading food at the 4th checkpoint and rotating personnel, returning from the area of Mount Karachun, a Mi-8MT helicopter (board "16") of the National Guard of Ukraine was fired upon from a forest belt and shot down by terrorists with MANPADS. During the fall, fuel tanks exploded. As a result of the incident, 12 people died.

Name day: how to name a child born on May 29

What are tomorrow's name days: Alexander, Fedor, George.

The mascot of a person born on May 29 is beryl. It has long been believed that this stone is able to relieve fatigue, so it should be worn by those who work hard. Also, beryl is suitable for family people or those who seek to start a family.

On this day were born:

  • 1858 – Ukrainian painter, academician of landscape painting Kostiantyn Kryzhytsky;
  • 1878 – Ukrainian poet, translator, leading representative of the association "Young Muse" Petro Karmansky;
  • 1905 – Ukrainian singer Olga Blagovydova.

What tomorrow is the day in Ukraine and the world

May 29 World Digestive System Day / Photo: Pexels

On May 29, Ukraine and the world celebrate the International Day of UN Peacekeepers. They are also called "blue helmets". They never conduct offensive operations or seize territory, these warriors bring peace with them, although they have weapons that they use to resist crimes against humanity. This day is a great opportunity to pay tribute to the selfless and brave warriors who often sacrifice their lives to save others.

May 29 is also World Digestive System Day. For the first time the holiday was assigned to this date in 1958. It was then that during the International Congress of Gastroenterologists their Charter was adopted. The main goal of the day is to draw public attention to the problems associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They account for 30% of all cases of human diseases.

And May 29 is Compost Day. The date was created to draw attention to the problem of using fertilizers that can harm the environment. Also on this day, people are reminded that there is a natural alternative that costs less and brings a lot of benefits.