The state border of Russia is not guarded in any way, there is only rusty barbed wire and fallen trees on it.

This was told by the commander of the RDK Denys with the call sign "White Rex", a fragment of the video of which is distributed on the Telegram channel.

He is shocked that the border of Russia, which has been fighting in Ukraine for more than a year, is not guarded in any way.

"I did not think that the section of the border between two countries that have been at war for a year would not be guarded at all. We came here (to the room - ed.), here at the entrance sits an aunt who sternly asked: "Who is this?". Crossing the border between Ukraine and Russia was easier than going here. Because there was some aunt here. There was no one there [on the border of Russia and Ukraine] there. Understand. We were walking, and I think now they will start shooting from all sides, there will be a drone and so on. Now-now. We go to the state border, and there is barbed wire, which is rusty, and in some places trees have fallen on it. I understand that they are already black, that is, they have been lying there for a very long time," he shared his impressions.

Recall, the chief of staff of the Russian volunteer corps Alexander "Fortuna" said that Russia transferred troops from the front to the Belgorod region after their penetration into the territory of the Russian Federation. This is one of the tasks of the rebels. The operation in the Belgorod region of the Russian Volunteer Corps and the "Legion of Freedom of Russia" continues.

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