No matter what style you choose for yourself, an important part of the wardrobe is always a pair, or two, or a dozen pairs of jeans. With age, pick up successful jeans is not so easy. Stylists recommend which jeans are best for women over 50 years.

Straight jeans

Straight jeans are a classic style of jeans for all seasons. They can be worn with boots in winter, ballet flats in spring and flip flops in summer.

Jeans of a straight cut visually stretch the silhouette, hide problem areas.

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Wide jeans

The fashionable style of 2023 is ideal for women over 50. With wide jeans, stylists recommend combining more fitted tops to balance the volume of pants. Wide jeans can be worn over boots or boots, they also look good with ballet flats, sneakers and sandals.

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Flared jeans with high landing

This style is especially suitable for women with a figure of the "pear" type, when the lower part of the body is wide and the upper part is small. To balance the volumes and hide the stomach, stylists recommend choosing flared jeans with a high waist to hide the tummy and create an hourglass shape.

Flared jeans for women over 50 years old/ photo

Another type of flared jeans that you can try is "mom jin". This type of jeans flared from the thigh, not from the knee.

Jeans "boyfriends"

A successful silhouette of jeans for women over 50 years old - they fit the figure in the waist and hips, then become freer and taper again to the bottom. This style can be worn with a blazer, blouse and heels, as well as with a T-shirt and moccasins or a T-shirt with a pattern and tennis shoes. According to stylists, this silhouette is universal, comfortable and age-appropriate.

Jeans "boyfriends" for women over 50 years old/ photo

Skinny or tight jeans

Although wide jeans have supplanted skinny ones from the trend rating in 2023, this style perfectly lengthens the lower body. It is desirable that jeans were the same color as shoes, or at least close in shade. The main thing is to avoid strong contrast between the color of jeans and twisting to maintain a long vertical line from the waist to the toes.

When choosing skinns, stylists advise to pay attention to the length of skinny jeans. Ideally, when the bottom of skinny jeans touches the top of the ankle, advise stylists. It is necessary to avoid too long narrow styles, it may look untidy and shorten the leg. On the other hand, avoid skinny skinnies that are too short that expose your skin.

Skinny, tight-fitting jeans/ photo

Suitable for women of mature age straight slim jeans with a high landing. This type of jeans is more narrowed than straight jeans, but looser than skinny jeans.

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