The Russian occupiers transported another set of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system to Belarus.

This was reported by the monitoring group "Belaruski Gayun".

He was brought to the 25th missile arsenal of rocket and artillery weapons (military unit 25819), located near the village of Novokolosovo, Minsk region.

Photo: Telegram / Белорусский гаюн

It is reported that in the near future the complex will take up combat duty.

The S-400 system was spotted during transportation by rail / Photo: Telegram / Belarusian gayun

So far, it has been placed in the Minsk region / Photo: Telegram / Belarusian gayun

Photo: Telegram / Белорусский гаюн

What is known about the S-400

Note that the S-400 air defense system is a modification of the S-300. The purpose of such anti-aircraft missile systems is the destruction of aircraft, as well as the interception of cruise and ballistic missiles. However, the Russians are insidiously firing these air defense systems at civilian ground targets in the close rear of the contact line.

For Ukrainian air defense, intercepting the S-300 missile, which the Russians are converting into a surface-to-surface class, is very difficult.

The occupiers can even reach Kyiv from S-400 systems if they shoot from Belarus. Actually, this happened on January 14, 2023. Then the invaders attacked Kyiv for the first time with S-400 missiles, which destroy Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Donbas cities.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine told whether they will use the Patriot against the Russian S-300.

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