On May 28, Azerbaijani President Ilham Əliyev spoke of two of our soldiers who had strayed from the region to Armenia and had been tortured there.

The EPA reports that the head of our government has said: "After the end of the Second Civil War, representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan have reached such an agreement, and if someone is stranded, if that happens, those people should be returned within a maximum of two days. We were following that. We kept them for a maximum of two days and questioned them and returned them, both civilians and militants. See what they did! First, they have brutally beaten, handcugged, humiliated their dignity, videotaped moments of knoting. They have since been arrested and already convicted. Where did this appear?"

President Ilham Əliyev, who said at a three-way meeting in Brussels on May 14, said it was unbearable: "If you violate this agreement, you will suffer the consequences yourself."