Ukrainian singer Olya Tsybulska delighted fans with family content.

In Instagram stories, the celebrity posted a rare photo in which she showed her husband. In particular, the singer rarely shows her beloved Sergey in a photoblog, because he does not want to be public.

Also in the picture, Olya showed her noticeably grown son Nestor. In this composition, the family had fun on a yacht while walking along the Dnieper.

Olya Tsybulska with her husband and son / Photo:

By the way, Tsybulska did not forget about the Day of Kyiv. The singer wrote why she loves the capital of Ukraine.

"Happy birthday, Kyiv! The city where I met myself. Where it fell and rose. Where I love and beloved. Where did I become a mother and myself! Where work, life is in full swing. Where dreams come true and break. Here I am in blackout, in dark times and under the May blossom. Love! Thank you for this holiday to our air defense," said Olya.

Recall that on the Day of Kyiv, producer Potap also shared a family photo. The celebrity showed a romantic picture with his wife Nastya Kamensky and declassified their favorite corner of the capital.

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