I confirm that a threat has been made against a prosecutor and against me.

This is what Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev wrote on his personal Facebook page Ivan Stoimenov Geshevwas born on December 19, 1970. He graduated from law school in, on the occasion of the information in Trud, that he and a prosecutor in the "Barcelonagate" case have been threatened. The news was confirmed by NSO sources. The assumption is that the murder of Krasimir Kamenov-Curo is related to these threats. The former VIS-2 boss was shot dead a few days ago in South Africa, along with his wife, bodyguard and maid.

Here is what Ivan Geshev shared:

Prosecutors question Boyko Borissov about "Barcelonagate" on Thursday

"Because I am on leave for personal reasons, I was notified in the established order. I'm not familiar with the details. I'm sure law enforcement will do their job.

After everything I've been through since the assassination attempt against me, how do they think they're going to scare me? Threats against journalists, threats against magistrates, explosions, murders. As a terrorist expert said on the day of the attack: If the state does not take action, this will only be the beginning.

I will repeat again that I am not afraid and do not run, but fight. To the end!"

Ivan Geshev