TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, who recently celebrated her 44th birthday, shared beautiful shots from the holiday.

On her Instagram page, the celebrity shared a beautiful video shot in a blooming garden, where she celebrated her birthday.

In the frame, a smiling Efrosinina circled around on camera in a light sundress of bright coral color. The festive image of the star was complemented by light curls and gold jewelry.

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Under the video, Masha shared her philosophical thoughts on what is important to her in life.

"Treasuring the moment... See colors... Live... Breathe... Help... Believe in the Armed Forces... Believe in our Victory...", Efrosinina wrote.

Fans once again congratulated the star on her last birthday and noted that this delicate image suits her very well: "Too beautiful", "How does this color suit you", "Charming Masha", "Birthday has revived you. Shine," Gentle and Beautiful."

By the way, earlier Masha Efrosinina showed a romantic birthday surprise from her husband Timur Khromayev, who now serves in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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