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No doubt Curo was patronized. He had a lot of information that shouldn't have been reached. People like him and Taki are given the opportunity to run a business without paying taxes. The Bulgarian connection with the murder should not be underestimated.

This is what lawyer and former investigator Andrey Tsvetanov said in the show "In Focus" on NOVA. According to him, there is undoubtedly a parallel case for the murder of Curro in our country. Krasimir and Nikolay Marinov, the Margini brothers, were charged and interrogated by him. And also Curo in the case of the murder of Georgi Iliev. "They were part of the VIS then, I questioned him and Taki. I noticed that they were intelligent boys, they were afraid for their lives, they came in armored cars, I think they were friends. Apparently, they inherited the business from Maya Ilieva. Nothing was established from their testimony. Curo and Taki were in the groups that are taking over businesses and racketeering," he said.

Curo's Wife Before the Murder: We're Not Part of the Crime Puzzle

Tsvetanov worked with Borisov as Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior. "I was impressed by an honest man who did not spare free time to put the criminal contingent in order. Police officers have been appointed everywhere, the prosecutor's office is run by people who have graduated from a militia school. My feeling about the Attorney General and the previous one is that they were appointed without being a day prosecutors. The discrediting war against Geshev hardly comes from Curro. The fate of the Attorney General is at least dependent on Kamenov. Tsatsarov pushed him, he had no professional qualities for Prosecutor General," he said.

According to him, nothing comes out of the South Africa investigation yet. "We don't know about Curro's war with other groups there, properties, there are seriously affected interests. It can't help but be monitored by intelligence and intelligence services. There is no way to seize his property here, his ex-wife disposes of them, "said Tsvetanov.



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