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South Africa is one of the destinations where there are many Bulgarians fleeing justice. The journalist Aron, whom I interviewed, deals with the Bulgarian diaspora. According to him, Bulgarian organized crime is at the top of the pyramid in the preparation and trafficking of cocaine from South America to Australia, which also passes through South Africa.

This was explained in the studio of "120 Minutes" on BTV Asen Ivanov, managing editor and deputy editor-in-chief "News" in television. "Aaron has made a scheme with the participation of many Bulgarians. Also in the scheme is Curro. When Aaron did an interview with Curro in October last year, he did not know what level Kamenov was at, "added Asen Ivanov. Aron is an investigative journalist for Cape Town's TimeLIVE. Aron has been investigating Bulgarian organized crime in South Africa for years. This is how he reached Krasimir Kamenov – Curo and his wife.

"I didn't know he was so high in the Bulgarian criminal hierarchy. And to be honest, it was a big surprise to me. I didn't know he was wanted with an Interpol red notice. In October last year, I called Krasimir in connection with my investigation into Bulgarian organized crime in South Africa. From my checks and from the information from my sources I knew that he was a major figure in the South African part of the Bulgarian mafia. So I asked him about the murder of other Bulgarians – Angelo Dimov and his wife Nezabravka, "explained to bTV Aaron.

Trial on Curro's murder: If there is a Bulgarian involvement, someone here will be injured

Angelo Dimov is on trial in South Africa. He was murdered along with his wife Nezabravka in mid-February 2018 at their home in Cape Town. "I remember him and his wife, but it was a long time ago. I think he was connected to drugs, and that's why it happened to him. I don't know anything else," Krasimir Kamenov said in an interview. "I have always been very suspicious of Krasimir Kamenov's answers related to Angelo Dimov. Kamenov's execution is very similar to Angelo's murder. It became even more suspicious that Kamenov had some connection, because I expected him to say otherwise about this man. Usually, when we talk about people close to murdered, they try to help us, and in this case I came across some kind of code for silence, omerta. He asked me, I don't know why, but he told me if you wanted to talk to my wife. And the next moment his wife was on the phone and started – "why are you asking us about Bulgarian organized crime," journalist commented.

"I just want to tell you that years ago, when my husband first arrived in South Africa, he was looking for a place where he could come when it was winter in Bulgaria and summer in South Africa. You know this is completely reversed. We have never had any business in this country. We've never made money. We've never done anything but live a quiet life. If we go back to Angelo and his wife, we go to the same gynecologist, because we were in close neighborhoods and that's how we met his wife. We knew each other because we had children of the same age and practically gave birth within two months. That's how we know these people," said in a conversation.

"Do you know why I'm angry? Because we are in this country to have a peaceful life. We have three children. We have a lot of good friends, local friends, and to be involved in something like that, it makes me angry. At the same time, we do not have any relations in this country. And now someone calls and says they want to solve the puzzle of criminals and people associated with cocaine. Of course I will be angry," Kamenov's wife said.

"A Bulgarian should be big on drugs. They can only be servants of someone. Imagine, my friend. You're a criminal in a foreign country on the other side of the world and become big. You can't be big. That's stupid. There are South Africans behind them. They are not such players," added Krasimir Kamenov – Curo in his conversation with the journalist from South Africa.

Curo in his latest interview: Bulgarians can only be servants of someone in the drug business

"What do I know informally about him? When he arrives in South Africa from the Bulgarian underworld, he is met at the airport by his driver or his guards, and is accommodated in his houses in the Cape Town area. I'm talking about people involved in skimming and draining credit cards. In South Africa there are three or four criminal groups that are at the same level, but I can say that Bulgarians at the top of drug trafficking have built a very successful trafficking network between South America and Australia," explains TimeLIVE journalist Aron.



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