Going abroad with children remains relevant today.

Who can take a minor child abroad during the war

As the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council reminds, a child may be accompanied by one of the parents, grandparents, adult brother, sister, stepmother, stepfather or other person authorized by one of the parents.

For departure, accompanied by one of the parents, grandmother, grandfather, adult brother, sister, stepmother, stepfather, documents confirming the family ties of the person accompanying the child (birth certificate, document confirming family ties) must be available.

For departure of citizens who are not relatives of the child, you must have a written application of one of the parents (must be certified by the guardianship authority), a birth certificate of the child and an adult identity document.

Departure of a child under 16 accompanied by one of the parents

Please note that for the period of martial law, children under the age of 16, accompanied by one of the parents, leave Ukraine without the notarized consent of the other parent and in the presence of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a birth certificate of a child (in the absence of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine) or documents containing information about a person, on the basis of which the State Border Service will allow crossing the state border.

In case of departure of a child accompanied by a person who is not one of his/her parents, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, stepmother or stepfather, a notarized consent of one of the parents for the child to travel abroad is required. You can certify the certificate in the guardianship and guardianship authorities of local governments.

Is it possible to go to the border over the age of 16

To cross the border, a person at the age of 17 does not need additional permits from parents, because upon reaching the age of 16, the Civil Code provides for the right to free independent travel outside the country.

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