The occupiers suffer losses in Zaporizhzhia: the Ukrainian military is gradually pushing the enemy in certain directions.

This was stated during a telethon by Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov.

"They continue to use their military as cannon fodder, as they have been doing for more than a year. We see this in the constant appearance of new military hospitals in the captured schools and kindergartens in the temporarily occupied territory. We noticed that two weeks ago they stopped removing bodies, they just started dumping them from the "Urals" into mass graves. That's how, in bundles, their soldiers die. The trend in the number of affected Rashists is increasing. They just bury them in the ground, not even knowing who and where," he said.

According to the General Staff, Russia's total combat losses as of Sunday morning, May 28, amount to 206,600 occupiers. Over the past day, more than 200 Russian invaders joined the ranks of the "400s".

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