In China, a summit of five Central Asian states was held in the city of Xi'an, at which China finally rolled out its geopolitical claims to Central Asia. Despite the interests of the Kremlin, China is beginning to play its game and does not take into account Moscow's interests.

This was told by the ex-head of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Alnur Musayev in an interview on the Espresso TV channel.

In his opinion, for Russia, cooperation in the field of defense and law has become a cruel step in relations with China and the states of Central Asia.

"This is a very important step, a tough step for Russia. Russia should think deeply, because all issues of defense and activities of special services of law enforcement agencies have always been carried out only under the auspices of the Russian Federation in our countries. And no one really claimed. There, Turkey in recent years, for example, within the framework of the Turkic Union, has carried out a small merger of special services, a merger of law enforcement agencies. Turkey has concrete steps towards Azerbaijan when they practically entered the Karabakh conflict," he said.

Also, according to Musayev, China will move further in this direction.

"If we are talking about a clash of interests in Central and Central Asia, Russia's interests and China's interests, in the current situation, Moscow is extremely dependent on the Celestial Empire. And no wonder Putin is trying to call Xi Jinping his older brother. This is a huge humiliation for Russia, but Putin has no other options," he adds.

He notes that China, distancing itself from Russia's aggression in Ukraine, shows its neutrality, some formal support for Russia in words about a peace project thatcan suit Russia, while at the same time moving in its direction in its own interests.

"And its own interests say that China no longer sees Russia not only as an equal partner, but sees the huge problems that have arisen in Russia in connection with the aggression in Ukraine. Therefore, this movement of China in Central Asia, we notice something in the Caucasus, because now Armenia, through the mouth of Prime Minister Pashinyan, says that it has no prospect of remaining in the CSTO. This is a very serious moment and too alarming a wake-up call for Russia," Musayev adds.

Moreover, he is convinced that today the CSTO is practically a dead association that has no prospects.

"No CSTO member, not even Belarus, will interfere in any military conflicts outside the CSTO, first of all. Secondly, the CSTO could not resolve the issue with Karabakh, as you know. And it absolutely could not resolve the issue of the border military clash between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, two important Central Asian states," he concludes.

We will remind, in China made a statement about the "causes" of the war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. They say that it was caused by "a manifestation of the problems accumulated in the management of European security."

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