The head of Ukraine's Security Service (SBU), Vasyl Malyuk, has finally confirmed that Kiev was involved in blowing up the Crimean bridge.

"We have taken appropriate measures because this is a logistical path of the enemy," the head of the SSU said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Komarov.

Maluk did not disclose details of the operation.

After the attack on October 8, photos of the explosion and the subsequent fire began to circulate around the world.

A fuel tanker caught fire on the Crimean Bridge

The attack came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin turned 70.

Most observers have long assumed that Ukraine was behind the attack, although Kiev has long declined to comment on the case. In December, Maluk suggested that his office might have something in common.

He said in an interview that he had acted in accordance with the "traditions of waging war" and pointed out that at the beginning of the Russian war, the SSU had created a special unit to carry out sabotage against the enemy on Ukrainian territory.

According to the head of the SSU, Russian authorities continue to conduct a "pseudo-investigation" into the attack on the bridge. More than 20 Russian citizens have been arrested on suspicion of empathy.

Maluk said the drone attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet ships raiding the base in Sevastopol was part of a special SSU operation carried out in conjunction with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.