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The situation is changing every day, but I continue to believe that Bulgaria needs a regular cabinet and a working parliament in order to pass all these laws, on which it depends whether we will receive more European funds this year.

This was commented by Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov Atanas Pekanovis an economist at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO), in Vienna, in the show "Talk Now" on BNT.

Regarding the recording, the National Council of the PP pointed out that he had only read headlines in media because he had been in parliament for more than 8 hours, where the mechanism for investigating the Prosecutor General was adopted. "I don't want to comment on recordings taken out of somewhere, but there were disturbing statements that may not help us gain trust among our partners, and that worries us." We must believe and upgrade the state administration, but we must also insist on its depoliticization and independence, Pekanov said.

In recent months, many steps have been taken for Bulgaria's accession to Schengen, the Deputy Prime Minister commented. "There are concerns in some countries that I hope we have addressed. We have been actively working with Austria, there are huge concerns about the whole topic of migration," he added.

Final: There will be a mechanism for control over the Attorney General

The adoption of the mechanism for the Prosecutor General is the essence of the judicial reform, it is written in all the rule of law reports that Europe sends to Bulgaria. Part of the European funds that our country can receive also depend on it, Pekanov stressed.

"I am grateful to the regular cabinet that started work on a legislative project and especially to Minister Zarkov in the caretaker callinet, finanizing the project, coordinating it with the EC and yesterday it was finally adopted. But that's not all, let's face it, there's still work to be done." Asked if there was a danger that the mechanism would not pass in the Constitutional Court, Pekanov pointed out that according to him the law is within the legal framework.

This year, we expect two more payments under the Recovery and Resilience Plan worth around EUR 1.4 billion. Lv. We have not yet received the second payment because we have not adopted the necessary laws. By the end of the programme in 2026, we are expected to receive another EUR 8 billion. but we must not allow any more delays.

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