A woman who left her husband for her new lesbian mistress after "sexual awakening" has used her ex's sperm to give birth to her girlfriend's baby.

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Linda Fruits from Sunrise, Florida, USA, ended her marriage to Christopher Hurting in August 2021, following the birth of their second child, who was born in early 2020. The couple lived together for 8 years.

After the break, Linda had a "sexual awakening" when she was browsing TikTok after discovering that she was attracted to women and realized that she was a lesbian.

Photo: needtoknow.co.uk

Linda welcomed girlfriend Maddie Gross, 36, in November 2021, and they became inseparable, their relationship developed rapidly, and Maddie openly shared her desire to have children.

Six months after they met, Maddie moved into the family home with Linda, Christopher, and their two sons, four-year-old Elliot and two-year-old Owen.

Linda Fruits with his wife, ex-husband and children / Photo: needtoknow.co.uk

The couple asked Christopher if he would agree to become a sperm donor to expand the family, and obtained consent.

Recently, the "modern family" welcomed the addition of baby Arlo, who was born last week.

Arlo was born in mid-May / Photo: needtoknow.co.uk

"We try to take a nap anytime, wherever possible, so Christopher spends time with the boys alone and takes them on weekends to have fun when we need a nap. We do it day in and day out to see what we all need at any moment, and if necessary, we can call grandma for support," said Linda.

For his part, Christopher explained how he and his ex-wife decided to stay together even after the divorce.

"We both knew that our children were more important than anything else, and being able to see them every day was more important than separating our family and, frankly, complicating our lives. Most couples whose romantic relationship ends need to get away from each other to move on or because it's toxic. We found a way to move on while continuing to raise children and live together, and that was great," he shared.

Linda Fruits with his wife, ex-husband and children / Photo: needtoknow.co.uk

Also, the 36-year-old man noted that when he was asked to become a sperm donor, he was a little hesitant.

"It definitely wasn't an instant 'yes.' I had a lot of questions about each of them that I needed to answer before I felt comfortable. My biggest problem was that I wasn't comfortable being just a donor. I wanted to be a father and legally on my birth certificate. Other than that, I wasn't worried or worried about everything else. We'll find out everything. I know that we will all do what is best for our children," Christopher said.

Recall that the son-in-law and mother-in-law had sex for 22 years and gave birth to three children. Due to a secret connection, two families broke up at once.

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