Singer Zlata Ognevich delighted fans with a touching premiere. The actress released the song "Angel" and a very personal video for it.

In the fresh composition, the singer conveyed the feelings of women of Ukraine, who today are waiting for the cherished "In touch" from their husbands. Zlata's relatives took part in the filming of the video for the track: parents, sister and her husband. It was in a new video that Ognevich revealed that she would soon become an aunt – her sister is expecting her first child.

Zlata Ognevich with his family

The director of the video recreated in the frame a real fragment from the life of the singer's family, when everyone gets together to talk with her father, military surgeon Leonid Hryhorovych, who has been saving the lives of our defenders in the frontline territories for more than a year.

Zlata Ognevich with her mother

"These brief conversations with my father bring us back to a time when we were gathering at home as a family and no one could have imagined that this would soon become something impossible. This is how hundreds of thousands of families live all over our country today, and only faith gives strength to continue to fight and wait, to pray for our angels," Ognevich commented.

It was her father's activities and acquaintance with the Nadiya Charitable Foundation during the filming of the video that prompted the singer, along with the release of a new job, to initiate a large collection, the purpose of which is to purchase an MRI machine in one of the frontline hospitals in Donetsk region.

Zlata Ognevich

Earlier, Zlata Ognevich showed a rare photo with her father Leonid Hryhorovych, who has been at the front since the beginning of a full-scale war, where he treats our wounded soldiers.

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