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New Delhi:

Will the Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka review or withdraw several orders and laws passed during the previous BJP regime? Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar had raised the question of saffronisation of the police as soon as he assumed power and asked to stay away from moral policing, i.e. moral contractors.

There is now speculation that the Siddaramaiah government may review school textbooks or withdraw the conversion bill. The Congress, in its manifesto during the election campaign, had said that if voted to power, it would ban organisations that disturb communal harmony and in this regard, the Congress had also named Bajrang Dal along with the PFI. There was a lot of political controversy on this and the BJP tried to make an issue out of it.

Karnataka Minister and Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge's son Priyank Kharge has said that his government will review all policy matters of the previous government.

You have talked about banning organisations that disturb communal harmony. There is also a mention of RSS and Bajrang Dal, but BJP has taken a dig that first ask Sonia Gandhi whether RSS is anti-India. "We will deal legally with any organisation that does unconstitutional work, takes law into their own hands or creates an atmosphere of fear over communalism. What is the problem with THE BJP, are they saying that we should not follow the law, we should not follow the Constitution? Be it RSS, PFI or Bajrang Dal, if they do illegal or unconstitutional work, should we respect them?"

You said that all those bills and orders which are draconian will be reversed. So which bills would you reconsider? On the question, Priyank Kharge said, "We will re-examine every bill that is hindering our economic progress. If needed, we will also reject it. We will take whatever steps we have to take to improve the economic system. Whether it is the Anti-Consular Bill, the Anti-Conversion Bill, we will do whatever it takes for ease of doing business. We have to improve the economic condition of Karnataka. Young people have to be employed.

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