The words "sandwich", "sandwich" and "canapé" traveled into our language from German and French. However, Ukrainians also have their tasty word for this snack.

This was told by the well-known Ukrainian teacher and linguist Oleksandr Avramenko on the air of "Breakfast with 1+1".

He noted: "What do we call a slice of bread with butter, sausage, cheese or ham? Yes, a sandwich or sandwich, and even a canapé. These words are all right, they have long traveled to our language from German and French. But Taras Shevchenko commanded us: "Learn from others, and do not shy away from your own." We have long had our tasty-tasty word – superimpose."

The linguist quoted the writer Yuri Vynnychuk: "Chicken fricasse, veal stuff, lamb roast flaunted on the table... and a large tray of overlays."

He also gave another example: "Horseradish root, an egg, a piece of butter and some greens – and in the language of our ancestors – a superimposer!" "And in the language of the Germans, the sandwich is delicious, nutritious and original," the linguist added.

Summing up, Avramenko urged Ukrainians to protect the language handed down to us by our ancestors.

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