Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski has appealed to Ali Rada (parliament) to officially pull out of the Single Economic Place Agreement.

The EPA reports that the information was echoed in a document published on the Ukrainian parliament's website.

Such a request has been made because Russia and Belarus have violated the agreement, including the agreement itself, which reflects international friendship.

"Let the creation of a Single Economic Place be withdrawn from the agreement reached in Yalta on September 2003, 19," Zelensky said in a petition.

It has also added that the document has already been directed to the relevant committee for review.

It should be noted that under Ukrainian law, Ali Rada must make a decision to pull out of the agreement ratified by parliament in the form of a law.

Recall that on September 2003, 19, the presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine signed an agreement to create a single economic location.

The Ukrainian Supreme Court ratified the document on April 20, 2004, but Ukraine later abandoned the process of shaping the Single Economic Place.