The video, which was posted on TikTok profile by stylist Amira Bessette, talks about four types of shoes that always look cheap and can ruin even the most stylish image.

Transparent heels

If we talk about which heel is in fashion in 2023, then these are definitely not transparent heels. Amira emphasizes that such shoes not only look cheap, but can also cause health problems.

All due to the fact that plastic sandals or shoes soar a lot, so the legs begin to sweat. And this is an ideal environment for the development of fungal infections.


These shoes are only suitable for wearing them by the pool or on the beach. But for walks around the city it is better to choose other options. After all, ordinary flip flops can greatly reduce the cost of the whole image.

Moreover, such shoes can also be dangerous. First of all, because this type of shoe does not support the foot (after all, they do not have a heel), and a person begins to bend his toes while walking. As a result, muscles and tendons are more tense, which causes overwork, pain and even inflammation.

And wearing flip flops increases the risk of injury to the legs.


Although they are chosen by more and more people, they do not look elegant at all and can ruin the summer look. Amira argues that if you do not work in a hospital, it is best to avoid wearing this type of shoes.

It is also worth noting that in crocs, body weight is concentrated on the toes, so you have to constantly bend them to maintain balance. This wearing is dangerous for tendons, especially if you combine your favorite Crocs with different clothes regularly.

Gladiator sandals

The expert advised to stay away from such shoes if you want to create an elegant look. They have a large number of straps. For the first time such shoes appeared in ancient Rome, for which they got their name. Gladiators have a somewhat rough look, so they make the whole image cheap.

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