They are sold like cattle, on the head. Barrages are placed behind their backs, shooting if the fighters refuse to go to a hopeless assault. They are threatened, finished, or abandoned wounded on the battlefield. All these are the orders that prevail in the Russian army and mercenary units that are part of it. All this is told by the Russians themselves, who were lucky enough to survive, some of them are sure that their command planned to destroy them as witnesses to their crimes. The Ukrainian command calls on the occupiers to lay down their arms and surrender as soon as possible, where they are guaranteed safety and decent treatment, TSN said.

"In one trench alone, a person lies 300-400. Near Bakhmut, behind the iron. The trench of death was called him," says one of the captives.

"There is death, and death is also ahead. We were sitting under the open fire of mortars. We threatened to shoot them if we didn't go ahead," adds another accomplice.

Game that does not fit into the head anywhere except the Russian army: the mobilized are bought and sold into assault units. Relatives of soldiers from Khakassia said the Veteran group purchased 500 mobilized soldiers at $300 per head to throw them to storm Bakhmut. "According to the 'veterans', our mobilized guys were bought by them for 25,<> rubles per head! Therefore, they have the right to send them wherever they want," the relatives of the occupiers say in the video.

But one of the fighters from the "veteran" group is not mobilized, but a mercenary. They were lured with money because he had a large debt for alimony. So, in order not to go to jail, he went to kill Ukrainians. Already in captivity, Denys Popkov said that he was promised that he would serve in a logistics company. When he and others learned that they were being sent to the front lines, they tried to refuse, and they were promised execution for it. "There are three companies of us, we united, they said that we would not go anywhere. No preparation, nothing, what frontline? To which we were told that if you do not go, we will now load you into KamAZ and no one will see you again," he says.

The purchase of live goods for the group "Wagner" trades and Prigogine. Relatives of those mobilized from Yakutia said their relatives were forcibly enrolled in "Wagner" and "Veteran". And then there is a one-way road. One of the Wagnerians was incredibly lucky: the Ukrainian military actually saved him after he was wounded for four days in a trench without help. " I lay in the trench for 4 days. I was abandoned. Mine – blast injury, open fracture. This is what happens when there is no assistance and there is no evacuation of the wounded," the captive told Ukrainians on camera.

Wagner soldiers often fight without protective equipment, because instead they are forced to take more ammunition, says the prisoner. And he also confirms the evidence of reprisals against his Russians. "They 'nullify'. If you do not follow the order, the commander who sends you, he "nullifies you", shoots you. ... Bullet in the forehead, they have an order to shoot. For failure to comply with the order," he adds.

How threat detachments work was recently recorded by the Ukrainian military near Bakhmut. On May 9, they conducted a unique rescue operation – they took out an enemy soldier who decided to surrender for two hours from under fire. With him were two other Russians who were wounded by ammunition from a Ukrainian drone. Then one of them shot himself. Another put a grenade under his head and tore off the check. Both believed in nonsense about Ukrainian atrocities, and it was impossible to retreat. "We would be nullified. The Wagners were shot," he says.

Russian prisoner of war Ruslan Anitin, who was saved from shooting his own thanks to a drone

The Wagnerians form teams for dirty work. Kill the mobilized if they try to withdraw. The use of barrage fire on one's own is a war crime. There is a lot of evidence about this not only from captured Russians.

The head of the Ukrainian intelligence Kyrylo Budanov appealed to the Russian military to show common sense and surrender under the program "I want to live". "I appeal to the Russian military: it will be even worse. You have a choice: die or save your life. In Ukraine, there is a state project "I want to live", which helps servicemen of the Russian army. Our units have already withdrawn hundreds of soldiers across the front line. Now they are safe. They also have a choice: to sit out the war and return home or not to return to Russia at all. Those who pass under the project "I want to live" have the right to seek asylum in Ukraine and a number of other EU countries," Budanov said.

How the withdrawal of prisoners takes place was shown in the 59th motorized infantry brigade. 22 special forces from the group "Storm" surrendered after their column was defeated by the Ukrainian military. The Russians are taken out of hiding, they lay down their weapons and go to the evacuation vehicle.

"No assault or violence against those who surrender. Before your eyes, prisoners are being evacuated," the soldiers said.

Again, then the Russians began to hit their own. However, a group of prisoners Ukrainians managed to evacuate to the rear. Now they are safe, will have treatment, food and live in normal conditions until the end of captivity. Although the attitude of Russians to Ukrainians in captivity is completely different. After the exchanges, Ukrainians return exhausted, with traces of torture. But the Russians, on the contrary, are well-fed and healthy. Although they often tell tales that they were bullied in Ukraine. These lies are clearly a necessary condition for survival in Russia. Defamation is the payment demanded by the Putin regime for returning home from survivors despite its best efforts.

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