The Ukrainian mine detector the world is talking about: 67-year-old Anna Plikhchinskaya is one of the few who returned to the broken village of Stepova Dolyna and goes out into the field every day with a brand new device to search for dangerous debris from Russian shells, according to TSN.

The world-famous 67-year-old Anna Plichchynska was made by Polish photographer Jedrzej Nowicki. For the sake of Lana's cow, a woman risks her life every day, because you will not give a mine detector to cattle. "I take it, I put it on because that policeman told me so. I plan where it is, and then I call him, he comes, takes him. And so small, then I collect it myself," says the woman about the wreckage that has to be found.

Hanna and Lana waited for the fighting in the Cherkasy region, and then returned to the Steppe Valley, a village on the border of the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. The Russians continuously shelled it for 9 months. Not a single surviving house, nearby - broken equipment. There are almost no people left in the Steppe Valley, but Anna has poultry and fresh greenery in the garden. "Scary, of course. I go to myself, it squeaked, well, I stood, looked at what it was," the woman says.

Land on which there is not necessarily but may be mines is called potentially contaminated with explosive objects. Now there are about thirty percent of such lands in Ukraine. During the last meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the International Organizations in Vienna Yevhenii Tsymbaliuk said that these lands could feed 80 million people. If only the main problem of Ukrainian peasants remained global warming and other weather problems, not pieces of Russian shells or buried mines.

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