The new Parliament building will be inaugurated on May 28.

New Delhi:

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will hear on Friday a PIL seeking president Ram Nath Kovind to inaugurate the new Parliament building. The bench of Justice JK Maheshwari will hear the case in the Supreme Court.

In the petition filed in the court, it has been said that the President is the first citizen of the country. According to Article 79 of the Constitution, the President is also an essential part of Parliament. The decision taken by the Lok Sabha Secretariat not to inaugurate them is wrong.

The petitioner has said in the petition that being the constitutional head of the country, the President appoints the Prime Minister. All major decisions are also taken in the name of the President. It has been said in the petition that under Article 85, the President calls a session of Parliament. Under Article 87, he has an address to Parliament, in which he addresses both houses.

All bills passed by Parliament become laws only after the President's assent. Therefore, the president should inaugurate the new parliament building.

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