The weather forecast for May 27 has been unveiled.

The weather conditions in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula are expected to pass mostly without rain, according to the Epa from the National Hydrometeorology Service. A gentle northwest wind will blow.

The temperature will be 15 to 19 degrees Fahrenheit [25 to 29°C] at night and 756 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit [-80 to 50°C] during the day. The atmosphere's pressure will be a column of 60 mm below normal. The relative humidity will be <>-<> percent at night and <>-<> percent during the day.

In some regions of Azerbaijan, torrential rain is expected. In mountainous and mountainous regions, there is a chance of torrential rains, lightning, and hailstones. There will be a break in rain in most circuits during the day. There will be fog in some circuits. The east wind will strengthen the chariot in separate locations.

Temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit [-27°C] at night, 32-7°C during the day, 12 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit [-15 to 18°C] at night, 20 to <> degrees Fahrenheit [-<> to <>°C] during the day.