During Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, Russian agents under the guise of "volunteers" tried many times to get into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This was stated by representative of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense Andriy Chernyak in an interview with Radio Liberty.

Andriy Chernyak noted that at the beginning of the war there were many requests from foreigners who stated that they wanted to protect Ukraine from the occupiers. However, each of these volunteers underwent a thorough check, as Russia sent its agents to know the situation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"And we had to check these people one way or another. Russian special services also act professionally. And we had many cases when, under the guise of "I am a volunteer, I want to protect Ukraine", they tried to send Russian agents to us. We found out in time and passed them to the relevant law enforcement agencies," he said.

Andriy Chernyak noted that members of Russian volunteer battalions are undergoing thorough checks to make sure there are no Russian agents there.

To recap, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warned that in the coming hours the Russians are preparing large-scale provocations at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The terrorist army plans to shell a nuclear facility and declare a "leakage of radioactive substances."

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