Peruvian parliament declared Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador persona non grata.

The reason for this is verbal attacks by the Mexican leader on Peruvian President Dina Bolwarte.

López Obrador called Bolwarte a "usurper" and at the beginning of the month refused to hand over the presidency of the Latin American trading bloc Pacific Alliance because he questioned her legitimacy as head of state.

Dina Bolwarte became Peru's president after the ouster of President Pedro Castillo, who was arrested for trying to dissolve parliament in December.

Peru recalls its ambassador from Mexico

The removal of Castillo, who is a representative of Peruvian radical left, was criticized by the Mexican president, who granted asylum to Pedro Castillo's wife and children.

Since Castillo was overthrown, there has been serious diplomatic tension between Peru and Mexico. In February, for example, Bolwarte announced that he was recalling the Peruvian ambassador from Mexico.

A majority of Peruvian lawmakers approved a proposal to declare Andres Manuel López Obrador persona non grata, accusing the Mexican leader of trying to interfere in Peru's internal affairs.

Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador