We returned to our native village, but found the ashes. The first five residents of the village of Bilohirka, in the Kherson region, dared to come to a completely destroyed village with mined fields and forests around. Where there are walls and some roofs, rooms for housing are arranged, when it rains, they sleep in modular houses brought by volunteers, TSN said.

Around the villages for which bloody battles took place, equipment was burned: craters from bombs and mined fields. But in some places there is nothing left of the village except the road. Those houses that survived are completely mutilated. Alexander returned to the village with his sister and father. "Where we live, there is no place for us to live. We were in Kryvyi Rih, we got used to it in the village, I lived here for 74 years, my children and grandchildren grew up. I won't restore it here," says Hryhoriy Prokopovych, who sits on the stairs of the summer kitchen, which only has walls left, as well as the entire farm.

Huddles in one surviving room. They were given a modular house, but cannot live there because of the heat inside.

Their village of Bilohirka was one hundred percent destroyed, there were invaders standing in it. "They turned out to be 'creatures,' beasts. The gold was taken from me, they needed vodka, money and gold," says local resident Natalia.

Natalia had a lot of strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes, they were just starting to live, the invaders dug a dugout right in the garden. Everyone walked and did not understand how strawberries grow on film. "They said how it is that what is growing on film, they say they did not see this and trampled, walked, stole it, as if they had never seen it," the woman says.

People fled in June, abandoned the entire farm and livestock. They found ruins and wasteland. From that life, almost nothing remains, except memories. They barely cleaned the site, collected shrapnel and shells to plant greenery again, because they need to live.

There is no light in the village, it is saved by a generator. Sasha has been on his feet since 5 am. Removes garbage, dismantles rubble, digs in the ground. "All for the sake of the garden, potatoes, our vegetables, we will survive," says the man.

They desperately need concrete, wood and slate, the roof in the film is leaking. They will not survive autumn under such conditions. Once he cultivated 25 hectares of his land and grew wheat, and now he makes ends meet, but does not lose his spirit. "Here are our roots, here is the navel buried, our land. We managed it, now I don't know what to do, where to start, with the wasteland," the man says.

In their garden, everything is germinating now. Tomato seedlings bloom near the aerial bomb, thanks to the seeds they will have something to eat.

Everything that the invaders could not take out of their Bilohirka was burned. Only the land remained, fertile Kherson black soil, and the Shcherbyna family has only hope for it.

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