In Poland, the mayor of Nowe Miasto in the Masovian Voivodeship, a 53-year-old official, was detained after he caused a road accident while drunk and fled the scene.

It is reported by RMF FM.

As noted, the accident occurred when the mayor was driving his Skoda car and collided with a tow truck. After the collision, he drove around the damaged vehicle and continued driving.

However, the tow truck driver and witness to the incident decided not to allow the mayor to escape responsibility. They followed him and stopped the car a few hundred meters away. During a conversation with the mayor, the victim and the witness noticed that he was speaking incomprehensibly and had problems with balance. At the same time, they smelled alcohol and urgently called the police.

After testing, two percent alcohol was found in the mayor's body. He was taken to a medical facility, where blood was taken for analysis. It is now known that the culprit of the accident will be deprived of his driver's license and prosecuted before the law for drunk driving and causing an accident.

However, on the second day after the accident, the official was present at work in his office. He declined to comment on the accident, telling an RMF FM journalist that he was "performing his functions normally".

Recall that Poland is preparing to overthrow Lukashenka and uprisings in Belarus.

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