Military analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko clearly demonstrated how the occupiers lie about a missile strike on the Dnieper.

He wrote about this on Telegram.

"Just look at how the manuals of Russian propagandists change as footage of their crime in Dnipro emerges. At 11:18 they say that an "army warehouse of medicines" was destroyed in Dnipro, and at 12:02 they say that an air defense missile of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was "redirected" to the hospital," he explained.


Kovalenko noted that Russian propagandist Alexander Kots, who invents and disseminates such fakes, is a war criminal and deserves the most severe punishment.

"Oleksandr Kots is a special propaganda abomination, the activities of which I have been following since 2014, when he, along with another abomination, Dmitry Steshin, took part in the physical interrogation of our SBU in Sloviansk. This is a war criminal who deserves the most severe punishment," Kovalenko said.

Missile strike on the Dnieper on May 26

In the afternoon of May 26, the Russian occupiers launched a missile strike on the Dnieper and hit a polyclinic and veterinary clinic. Fires broke out at the site of the attack, private and apartment buildings, cars were damaged.

As a result of the attack, two people were killed, another 30 were injured. Most of them were taken to hospital. Among the wounded were two young boys. Rescuers continue to search for people under the rubble.

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