I know that we promised to give continuity to the issue of artificial intelligence, but what happened on Wednesday in a square in Barcelona with the Buena Fe group is an attack on Cuban culture, it is an attack on Cuba and we do not want to let it pass.

Just a few hours after the fascist assault, in a direct one by Carlos Lazo, leader of Puentes de Amor and personal friend of Israel Rojas, the Cuban singer-songwriter explained in just over a minute what had happened, the pretension of the haters with the attack and the declared decision of the duo to continue making their music without fear: "That's not going to be stopped by anyone."

With the fascist attack on a duo whose songs are not even complacent with Cuban reality, the haters based in Barcelona, execute the attack order of those who pay them for trying to intimidate two creators who have also been harsh in their criticism of those hate mongers who live from the business of war against Cuba.

That is where the videos circulate that the haters themselves have disseminated, as mafia hitmen usually do: filming as proof of their crime to be able to charge for it.

It is clearly seen and Israel said that they went to provoke, to try to avoid the concert, but especially they did it to challenge the dignity of Cubans, they went to offend them, so that they would react with violence and victimize themselves. That's what they did in Madrid already. But there are worthy Cubans who acted to prevent it and Spanish supporters who built a wall to prevent the trash can achieve its purpose.

There were five or six provocateurs, a man and three or four women who shouted more than anything else and who became aggressive throwing blows in the air when there was already a group of people in solidarity preventing them from reaching the Cuban artists.

In the first line of the defense of Buena Fe is recognized Claudia, one of the regulars of the Peña del Titán. Beautiful woman. The Titan received it in his transmission and between the two explained other details of the show that failed. In the sounds played by our podcast, the Titan talks to Claudia shortly after the confrontation.

When you review the lyrics of Buena Fe and know and enjoy their popularity, it is logical to wonder where and why that hatred comes from. The objective, without a doubt, is to try to intimidate those who sing to the Revolution, to silence their voices and send a threat to anyone who dares to do the same representing Cuba abroad.

Silvio Rodríguez was asked more than once. Even, as he told us talking about his album "Érase que se era" he was told that someone would try to shoot him while he was singing at a concert. So he made a song that explains everything, even Good Faith. Here is the song and the lyrics of the theme: "I have never believed that anyone hates me." By it we mean that Chapeando is also in Good Faith.

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