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The front door of the house where Curo lived was torn down, as if a heavy car had passed through it. According to municipal councilor Emil Langenhoven, those living in the neighborhood were shaken by the case. Such a mass murder "should not have happened because of the level of security in the area," the Cape Times reported.

"I know the house because I've passed by it. It was always closed with many cameras. That was doubtful to the people of the neighborhood. The fence is very high and no one knew what was going on inside. The family was described as incarcerated, living with their children. Now he's a man wanted by Interpol. The area is known for its high level of security. We have neighborhood patrols, many other private security facilities," he said.

"We have provided all the available information we have about Krasimir Kamenov to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, we have no right to comment further on the case," the Bulgarian Embassy in South Africa said.

Krasimir Kamenov-Curo and his wife were killed in Cape Town, South Africa. Their housekeeper was also killed, and there was a fourth corpse of a man. The children of Krasimir Kamenov - Curo were not injured during the assassination attempt against him.

Businessman Krasimir Kamenov, nicknamed Curro, was reported missing with an Interpol red notice at the request of the Bulgarian authorities. Kamenov is wanted on suspicion of threatening murder, extortion and murder.

Assassination of Curro. He and his wife were murdered.

He is accused of inciting the murder of former police officer Lyubomir Ivanov, who was shot dead in the capital's Lozenets district last year.

Lyubomir Ivanov was shot dead in front of his home in Sofia on March 25. Ivanov is a former head of the Criminal Police in one of the metropolitan district offices, leaving the system in 2014. In 2018, he was wanted with Interpol as a participant in a criminal group for the production and sale of illegal cigarettes.

In parallel, the prosecution incriminated Kamenov as part of a conspiracy involving other criminals, as well as defendants such as Tsvetan Vassilev, in a plot to discredit senior magistrates and policemen.