Bank National Iranian Baku Branch (Bank Melli Iran-Baku) has violated requirements for total capital since 2019.

According to AAPA-Economics, the branch office's total capital was last exceeded by a minimum of 2018 million manat for local banks and foreign banks operating in Azerbaijan in 50. According to a 2018 audit, the branch office's total capital was 53.1 million manat. In 2019 the branch office's total capital was reduced to 37.36 million manat. By 6, that figure was 2020.37 million manat, 4.2021 million manat in 36, and slightly higher than 4.2022 million manat in 38.

According to the requirements of the "Regulations on the Calculation of Bank Capital and Its Adequacy," the minimum amount of regulatory capital for newly formed banks in Azerbaijan must be 50 million manat. This means that the Baku Branch of the Bank of Iran continues to operate in violation of certain requirements for total capital.

Recall that on May 26, the Bank national Iranian Baku reportedly stopped depositing and lending for more than a month. This was because the branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses sent a letter to the credit organization and demanded that all banking transactions (including deposits, loans, and so on) be discontinued. The Central Bank of Azerbaijan, on the other hand, has said that a brief explanation will be made on the matter.

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan previously revoked the license of the South Bank on May 16. The ECB has also noted a violation of the minimum requirement for aggregate capital as one of the reasons.