About 70 percent of the mine explosions recorded so far have occurred behind the previous contact line.

The EPA reports that Samir Poladov, deputy chairman of the ANAMA governing body, told an international conference on "Fighting Mines - The Road to Sustainable Development Goals" in Baku.

He stressed that the first priority for construction work was to clear these areas of mines: "These areas detect cassette surveillance, pedestrian and anti-tank mines, unexploded surfaces. The most common mines are plastic mines. These are mines produced in Armenia. These mines, produced in Armenia, are some kind of copy of the mines produced in Russia, but they vary somewhat."

He said only 25 percent of the maps given to Azerbaijan could be believed: "Statistics show that so far 70 percent of mine explosions have occurred behind the previous contact line."

He said ANAMA's goal is to increase the area of cleared areas to 50,<> hectares a year.