Among the wreckage of the sunken Titanic, a full-size 3D reconstruction of which was made for the first time, a lost necklace was found.

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The jewelry, made from a megalodon tooth, was found after Guernsey-based Magellan's company used several submarines for the first full-size digital scan of a doomed luxury passenger ship.

The images show a small detail among the rubble - a turquoise and gold necklace with the tooth of a megalodon, a prehistoric massive shark that lived about 20 million years ago.

Despite the opening, the team was unable to recover the necklace because an agreement between the UK and US prohibits members of the public from taking artefacts out of the crash site.

Now, the company hopes that AI-driven technology will help identify its owner. By the way, there were 2200 passengers on the ship when it collided with an iceberg and sank.

The technology will analyze footage of passengers boarding the ship, scan them and process them using facial recognition technology to catalog the clothes they wore on the day they set off on their doomed journey.

If analysts can determine which passengers wore the necklace, they will be able to begin searching for living relatives of the owners of the necklace.

CEO Richard Parkinson called the opening "amazing, beautiful and breathtaking."

He said the find was incredible given the size of the crash site.

3D reconstruction of the sunken Titanic / Photo: ATLANTIC PRODUCTIONS/MAGELLAN.

"What's not entirely clear is that the Titanic is made up of two pieces, and there's a three-square-mile field of debris between its bow and stern," he said. "The team mapped the field in such detail that we could highlight those details."

New 3D images showed a pair of shoes and corked champagne bottles lying on the wreckage of the Titanic. These pictures can show what happened on the night of the shipwreck.

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