A man from Tanzania broke his penis in three places during sex.

The loud click occurred "when the penis slipped out, got lost" and hit the female perineal area "as he tried to reintroduce it," doctors told the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

In the journal, health officials reported that an anonymous patient went to hospital with a swollen penis, complaining of pain and bleeding from the urethra within five hours.

There he was given painkillers and then sent to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center.

Although the penis does not contain bones, it is called a fracture when its fibrous connective tissue, called the protein coat, is damaged or torn.

An MRI showed that the man injured his penis in three locations along the protein coat: in a pair of erectile tissue bodies known as cavernous bodies, and in another area called the spongy body. In addition, he had a partial rupture of the urethra, a tube through which semen and urine exit the penis.

MRI / Photo: sciencedirect.com

Dr. Bartolomeo Nicolaus Ngovi and his team of urologists from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center reported that the man's penis was "slightly curved." They also claimed that he had increased in size and was covered in blood.

The man was rushed to the surgical department, where he underwent surgery, stitching his cavernous bodies, urethra and spongy body.

He was discharged from the hospital three days later and his catheter was removed from his urethra 21 days later.

Six months after the injury, the patient returned to the hospital and reported that he was having sex again and that his penis function had returned to normal.

Recall, a man faces amputation of the penis after 24-hour sex under the influence of drugs. The 50-year-old German is in serious condition.

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