Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Malyuk told more about the activities of the SBU worked in Kherson after the de-occupation.

He gave the corresponding comment to journalist Dmitry Komarov.

"Someone did not have time to escape, someone did not have time to take away, and someone did not have time to understand the level of professionalism of our documentation, when we already had full volumes of materials, and they remained in place, realizing that the enemy had withdrawn," he said.

They say that among them were former policemen, former employees, those who formed pseudo-state security agencies, and pseudo-law enforcement hostile ones.

"We managed to detain them, declare appropriate suspicions. Today, these persons are in custody, give relevant testimony. It is clear that someone is still involved in our counterintelligence games," Malyuk added.

The hostile pseudo-referendum was also actively documented, where they tried to legitimize the tricolor.

"On the day of the beginning of the pseudo-referendum, they had a prepared turnout, results, and so on. They do not even understand what we have in the proceedings materials precisely because all modern methods of documentation are successfully used. We introduced our confidentials (undercover agents - ed.) into the relevant criminal groups of collaborators and traitors," Malyuk said.

The SBU had a number of personalities in which the so-called "mosquito" is in the collar - a special device that carries out audio control. Representatives of special services documented these things online and attached them to the materials of the proceedings.

"At the same time, they told everything - we have such a turnout, everything is fine - it's all a screen, an attempt to legalize the "rag"-tricolor on our territory," said the head of the SBU.

He is convinced that Ukrainian "eyes" are everywhere in the temporarily occupied territories.

"Of course. Through special technical measures, this work is carried out constantly," he summed up.

Earlier, Malyuk said that during the year of a full-scale war, the SBU neutralized hundreds of enemy agents on the territory of Ukraine.

He also reported that the number of Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine has increased fivefold compared to 2020.

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