Ukraine plans to introduce punishment for men who illegally traveled abroad during the war. Violators will be punished upon their return to the country.

Men who illegally left Ukraine during the war will face punishment upon their return

About the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ihor Klymenko told in an interview with "RBC-Ukraine".

The Minister noted that today in Ukraine there are no punishments for those who illegally crossed the border and then returned to the country.

"To date, no such rules and restrictions have been established, but I think that after the end of the war, the state will do everything to remind every citizen what he did during the war. I mean those who illegally crossed the border," Klymenko said.

In his opinion, this will be a joint initiative of the government and parliament: "I think it will be a law".

The Minister of Internal Affairs added that international experience in this matter is currently being studied.

"How to deal with our citizens who have already broken the law once. They must answer for breaking the law. I think every citizen wants this and will understand the state if there are any restrictions on the further movement of these citizens at least abroad," Klymenko said.

Recall that men aged 18-60 years during martial law are forbidden to travel abroad. But there are exceptions. Which of the men can go abroad, on what grounds and what documents are required for this, read in the material

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