Singer Blanca, who represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, has reacted to rumors that her brother Oliver supports Russia.

The actress made a statement that this information is not true. The singer also stressed that she wholeheartedly supports Ukraine, as well as her family members:

"It is with great sadness that I read the news that has reached me today. Some media outlets in Ukraine accuse my brother of allegedly supporting pro-Russian activities. I want to emphasize unequivocally that I strongly disagree with this information. When I write this, I cry with sadness. Never in my life did it occur to me that I would be connected to something completely different from the one in my heart and in my views. I am always and forever with all my heart with the Ukrainian people. I supported you from the beginning. I, like my whole family, live in solidarity with the suffering of the Ukrainian people, who suffer from brutal attacks," Blanca commented.

Blanca, Eurovision 2023 / Photo: Associated Press

The actress noted that none of her family has ever supported or supported Russian aggression against Ukraine. Blanca admitted that she is very hurt that her family is associated with pro-Russian views: "What the media is trying to associate me with is absurd, at odds with the truth and makes me feel pain like I have never felt before," Blanca admitted.

The artist also expressed her hope that very soon she would be able to come to us and perform in free Ukraine:

"I am full of compassion, love and support for the Ukrainian people who are fighting bravely. I hope that I can visit your beautiful country as soon as possible and perform in a free Ukraine. I have supported and will continue to support free Ukraine," Blanca said emphatically.

The letterhead at Eurovision-2023 took 19th place / Photo: Associated Press

Recall that the scandal around the singer from Poland Blanca broke out immediately after the final of Eurovision-2023. Poles, who were dissatisfied with the participation of the artist in the song contest, shared a video on TikTok with the words of Russian propaganda of the singer's brother Oliver.

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In particular, a relative of the singer wrote on social networks in early March 2022 that "everything is not so simple", about "Kyiv Nazis" and "liberators". Oliver subsequently deleted the controversial post from Facebook.

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