An electronic cigarette exploded in the cabin of an Airbus A320 flying from Geneva to Amsterdam. This caused massive panic among passengers. There were 191 people on board.

Writes about it Mirror.

According to passengers, they heard a "clap" after taking off from Geneva, Switzerland, at about 15:00 on May 18.

Later, footage from this appeared on the Web. They show clouds of smoke coming out of the hand luggage compartment. Shelf

Glowing orange, then a group of men try to grab an e-cigarette bag and put out the fire with their bare hands.

Then one man is seen taking out a hot device and throwing it away, while other men try to extinguish the dangerous object on their own. At this time

Smoke fills the cabin.

"It seems like it's been going on for an eternity, when in reality only a few seconds passed and everything went out very quickly. There was such a smell that penetrated in the throat. We reigned because we were stuck on the plane," said one passenger.

EasyJet said the incident would be formally investigated in accordance with procedures.

Recall that the plane had to urgently land at the airport because of the insatiable cries in the cabin.

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