A "double sabotage" took place in Omsk. This was reported by the Russian propaganda Telegram channel Baza.

Initially, the benches on one of the city's playgrounds were painted yellow and blue. And this in the Russian Federation is considered "discrediting of the Russian army" and is punishable by law.

"One of the locals complained about the benches in blue and yellow flowers. Like, this is not the time to sit on "hostile" colors. The complaint was taken into work and the benches were repainted under police surveillance," the statement said.

So the yellow color was repainted white. But even here they did not guess, because the white and blue colors are used by members of the legion "Freedom of Russia".

But the new color also did not fit

"For the symbolism of the white-blue-white flag, you can get a fine or administrative arrest under the article on the "demonstration of extremist symbols," the channel writes.

Apparently, the benches will have to be repainted again.

Earlier it was reported that in the Russian Federation the school principal wrote a denunciation over the pigtails of a child "in the colors of the flag of Ukraine."

It was also reported that in Moscow, law enforcement officers took a fifth-grader to the department through an avatar with yellow and blue colors, and also came to the family's home with a search.

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