The participation of Azerbaijan as a guest at the meeting of the Eurasian Economic Union is a belief in the new reality created by President Ilham Əliyev.

In a statement to the EPA, the deputy of the National Assembly, Baharruz Mohammedov, announced this.

Baharruz Mohammedov said that in fact, two days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly expressed this reality in a congratulatory letter on Independence Day and said that "Europe has gained the right influence in the world arena and is actively involved in addressing many current issues of international agenda." He said that even if he was not actually a member, the azerbaijani name was not a stranger to the economic system of member countries. With the exception of Armenia, Azerbaijan has a share and role in the economy of each country, with a bilateral trade cycle of about $5 billion. On the other hand, President Ilham Əliyev's balanced foreign policy course is actually a chance for the Eurasian Economic Union itself at a time when polarization between east and west is deepening."

The department stressed that Azerbaijan's stable and self-sustaining independent economy, independent foreign policy, excludes any external influence on Baku: "Every member of the Economic Union is convinced that Azerbaijan is committed to its obligations and President Ilham Əliyev is an integral partner as a reliable leader: "In this respect, Azerbaijan's participation in the event is in the interest of the Economic Union itself rather than Baku. However, President Ilham Əliyev has accurately defined the framework of this cooperation and is not the subject of discussion of Azerbaijan's membership in this institution, which is participating only as a guest. In fact, the Republic of Azerbaijan establishes its relationship with other countries on the basis of principles laid down in international legal norms. In that case, a country like Azerbaijan does not have to cooperate with an organization, and Azerbaijan is never excluded from platforms that are not members. Political and economic sovereignty, on the other hand, allows Baku to move freely on such platforms and formats.