Hollywood star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has boldly joked about sex at 75 and revealed how he keeps fit.

The celebrity is convinced bodybuilding was his ticket to a successful life. In particular, Arnold became famous for his pumped up body. At 75, the Hollywood actor continues to keep fit. According to Schwarzenegger, this helps him look younger and continue to act in films.

Arnold Schwarzenegger / Photo: Associated Press

However, Arnie does not perform too intense exercises, but simpler ones, so as not to harm her health.

"I protect my body and do therapeutic training. I do faster, easier, but correct exercises and try to stay young. I train to stay alive, to be able to make my films," the actor told Men's Health.

Training helps to maintain not only Arnie's physical shape, but also a good mood. Schwarzenegger is confident that sport has a positive effect on mental activity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger / Photo: Getty Images

"When you exercise, it's not just your body pumped, it's also your mind. You look at some things in life with more positivity," the actor said.

By the way, journalists also asked Schwarzenegger if he uses any code word for sex. In his response, the 75-year-old actor joked that the word was "help."

"Why use a code word? At my age, sex becomes a four-letter word: "Help!" the actor joked.

Arnold Schwarzenegger / Photo: Associated Press

We will remind, recently Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Ukrainian musicians Kalush Orchestra. The Hollywood actor invited Ukrainians to his special event.

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